Pediatric Nursing Medication Math Worksheet #2

Disclaimer: Round final answers to the nearest tenth or as otherwise directed. Answers may vary slightly. Answers are below.  

  1. A 2-year-old toddler needs crystalloid IV fluids.  The physician orders 300 mL of fluid every 8 hours.  The IV set delivers 60 gtts/mL.  How many gtt/min? (round to nearest whole number)

  2. Using the 4/2/1 method, calculate the hourly maintenance fluid rate for a child who weighs 18 kg.

  3. A 17 pound 4-ounce child is to receive IV fluids at the rate of 85 ml/Kg/day.  (Use drop factor of 60) 
    How many ml per hour?  ________
    What is the flow rate? ___________

  4. The patient weighs 35 lbs.  Calculate the correct range for a medication to be given at 1.2 to 2.8 mg/kg/day. _______ daily

  5. A 5-year-old child weighs 45 pounds. He is to receive 5 mcg/kg/daily of digoxin. There is a 250 mcg/5 ml vial of digoxin in the pyxis. How much ml will the nurse administer daily?

  6. The physician has ordered 300 mg of a drug to be addedto 100 ml of D5W and administered over 45 minutes.  The drug is available as 250 mg / 20 ml.  The drop factor is 60 gtts/mL.  You set the IV for ____ gtts / min. (Round to nearest whole number)

  7. The healthcare provider has ordered 60 mg of a medication.  You have a 50 mg/2 ml vial available. How much ml will you administer?

  8. The physician orders KCL 40 mEq per 1,000 mL NS to start at 0800. After 5 hours, 300 ml of the NS + KCL bag infused into the patient. What rate will the nurse have to set the pump to finish the rest of the bag by 2200?

  9. The child’s maintenance fluid (using the 4/2/1 rule) is currently running at 75 ml/hr. What is the child’s weight in kg?

  10. The healthcare provider orders ibuprofen for a child weighing 15.4 kg.  The recommended dosage for this drug is 40 mg / kg / day with a max daily dosage of 1200 mg. This dosage will be given in equally divided doses every 6 hours. How much mg will the child receive per dose?





Pediatric Worksheet #2 Answers

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